An italian girl with an american dream

I could bet on, that I am not the only one who has this dream. A lot of people dream about living an american lifestyle, living in a movie actually, soon my dream will become true. I will be an exchange student, I don’t know where yet, in the United States. Well, I introduce me.

I’m Giulia and I am 15 at the moment, and I live in Sicily, the south of Italy. I will go to the united states in August and i will come back in Italy in june/july. Yes, one year. I’m not scared about that, I have been away from home for more thanย one month in different occasions.

ef_blackThe name of the company I’m doing this experience with is EF(Education First). I knew about that thanks to a friend of mine who I asked for clarifications. This experience is very expensive, not everyone can afford it, unfortunately.
What do you have to do if you want to do an exchange year? First you have to find a company, then you would have to do an interview to see if you will be able to stay one year far from your family, and then you will complete an application to match you with a family! This part needs a lot of time, because family and students are too many! They said me I would know my host family in march/april, hope so. If you would like more informations, this is my email guys




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