A few days ago I received a friend request on Facebook, it wasn’t an italian name.. Then I saw in the information “ EF coordinator “, which is a person who has only a few studens to take care of in an aerea. I sent her a message and she said I have a family guys!

I’m going to Richmond, Kentucky. I have never been in Kentucky before, but I know it is famous for fried chicken ahah.

Risultati immagini per kentucky paesaggi

The coordinator told me also about my family: I’m going to live with Jennifer and her two daughters Erin and Kylie(who has my age). Jennifer is the owner of a candy store in the city. I really wanted to have a host sister, or two, coming to school with me!

The school it’s amazing,  a dream. It has 2,000 students and so many activities. Immagine correlataHere in Italy my school has 1000 students, but it’s not common to have so many students in a school here. School will be 15 minutes far from my house, but my host mum told me that she’s searching for a new house closer to the city center, in that case I think I will go to school on foot. She also said I will have my personal room if they move.

The family is already hosting a german girl who is very happy to be there!

I think I will get on well with this family and it will be the best year of my life. Can’t wait to start this experience.




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